My Style for Vietnam!

Hi guys, sorry it’s been a while but so much has been going on and it looks like my trip is finally coming together. I’ve only got 20 days to go until I head off to Vietnam and I finally got my buddy list just over a week ago after months of waiting! There are 3 other girls, that have also booked through Real Gap, who are jetting off to Vietnam with me. 2 of which are from a little town, just a mere 20 miles from where I stay. What a small world!

As well as getting more information about my trip, I have also been raking through the summer sales on a regular basis. Real Gap gave us a small kit list but it wasn’t really specific on what clothing to bring apart from telling us what was acceptable to wear in the country. When in Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam – we can really wear whatever we want however when in the rural parts of the country, especially when volunteering, we are required to wear clothing which will cover our shoulders and not figure hugging as this may offend the locals because of their tight connection with religion.

After finding out this information, I hit the shops! I had an idea of clothing that I wanted to buy and also had an idea of clothing that would allow me to fit in in Vietnam. A lot of bright colours and wacky patterns were a must! 

Although in Vietnam, it doesn’t really matter whether your outfit is matching! I have decided to buy a lot of bold trousers and mostly neutral tops. I didn’t want to go for the full on ABBA look! Bold trousers are really fashionable at the moment and also you find that a lot of them are flared. This means that although they are full length, I will be able to stay cool in the Vietnamese heat while also respecting the locals. 


Patterned Trousers


When shopping for clothes for my trip, I didn’t want to break my budget because some clothes are likely to wear and tear because of the climate and the activities that I will be doing. This is why I have chosen to shop in places such as F&F and TK Maxx because I feel that they give you good quality clothes for a reasonable price. Also since my trip is at the end of summer, this has meant that I can take full advantage of the summer sales before I head off.

Although I have tried not to break my budget, everyone needs some luxuries. This is why I have also chosen to buy a bikini from Boux Avenue – a shop which has just opened where I live. I love the floral pattern on it and just like the trousers that I have bought, I feel that it will make me fit right in in Vietnam! 

Boux Avenue Bikini

Thanks for reading everyone and be sure to keep an eye out for another blog post which will be coming soon! See you in 20 days Vietnam!

ABZ Arty Backpacker (Bethany) X



  1. Trịnh Ngọc Đại · August 4, 2015

    I think you can wear any costume you like to Vietnam. Except as temple sanctuary should be a little discreet.


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