First Blog Post

 Welcome to my first post on my blog! I am Bethany – a soon to be graphic design student. When growing up my family liked to get out and explore the world around us at every opportunity. Sometimes this included an adventure filled weekend near my home in Aberdeen, Scotland and at other times it included an extravagant trip across the globe. I’m excited to start my blog – which will include posts about my travels and artwork – because I have a few incredible trips already under my belt and have an exciting trip planned to Vietnam before I head off to university in September.

My goal is to share my experiences of travelling with others and show them that there are so many places in the world, just waiting to be discovered. As well as this, I will also post reviews of my travels, so if you’re interested in a similar trip, I’ve got you covered! Although I will not always be travelling, I know in my mind that I will always be planning. To keep people updated when I am not travelling, I will keep the blog updated with projects that I have been assigned while studying at Grays School of Art. 

I am not exactly sure how this website will evolve but I am excited about the possibilities and I’m thrilled that you’re coming along for the ride.



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